Guest posting is still one of the best ways to get backlinks and raise awareness of your business. For finance, there’s a plethora of sites and blogs online where you can contribute content with or without an inbound link.

Finance ‘write for us’ websites offer bloggers an opportunity to share their expertise, tell a broad audience about their company and the value it provides.

If this sounds like something you’re looking for, let us help you find the best blog to submit a guest post to.

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A Quest to Find Finance Sites for Guest Posts

Here’s a guide that will help you find great finance ‘write for us’ blogs to make an offer to:

  1. Choose proper queries.
    Of course, you’ll be looking for sources online. To save hours and tons of effort, choose the right query. You can search ‘finance guest post sites’ and similar queries. Also, try the ‘contribute to our blog’ kind of search. Most websites that accept such contributions will have a page with an announcement on the topic. So, a query like ‘“write for us” personal finance’ will suit perfectly. Don’t forget the “” – Google then searches for the exact phrase.
  2. Include location when necessary.
    If you have a local financial consulting company, for example, it’s wise to promote on blogs with the same location. So, you can add the area to your query. Consider looking not only for your city or town but state-wide as well. And, of course, a couple of general finance blogs will be useful.
  3. Think about the type of finance blog you need.
    While looking for blogs and optimizing your search query, think about the type of blog you’d like to submit a post to. It can be personal finance, eCommerce, consulting, etc. We recommend having several blogs matching your specialty exactly and a bunch of general finance-themed sources. The latter have a broader audience, which is good for brand awareness boost.
  4. Read guidelines before making an offer.
    When you’re ready to make an offer, read the guidelines the site has about contributed content. Then, think about whether the conditions correlate with your possibilities and goals. If so, boldly showcase your expertise and send a snippet of what you can write about.

This is a brief list of actions. You’ll have to do much more, including offer preparation, contact search, negotiation, and much more. Looking for a suitable website is just a tiny spoon of the whole process.

What If You Need Help?

Look, guest posting isn’t just searching “write for us” and sliding a smooth email to site owners. The process is more complicated, and it’s clear that you may need help. Going through all the stages for one website is one thing, but you need a lot of credible backlinks to see noticeable results.

For that, there are guest posting and link-building agencies.

These services have directories with thousands of websites specialized in different topics connected to finance. They will:

  • Find the best DA40+ blogs for you;
  • Negotiate the best location for your link;
  • Write a guest post for you, according to your requirements.

Doesn’t this sound great?

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Find a Perfect eCommerce Blogging Platform to Submit Guest Posts to

Use the aforementioned tips and recommendations to look for blogs. There are plenty of platforms, and most financial experts nowadays have a web source where they not only present their services but also allow others to contribute to the knowledge shared in their blog.

Start looking now or hire a specialized guest posting service that will find the best eCommerce, personal finance, etc. ‘write for us’ sites for you to put backlinks on. Those companies can even create an engaging post about your business. Don’t miss the opportunity!

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